New wind mitigation inspection video #2 added to our free, online course

Robert, I am glad you can read something other than the code book. I agree there is many ways to mitigate damage from wind. I asked were did you find that the OIR or an insurance company adopted the that definition as it pertains to the 1802 form. There is several studies done on wind mitigation for the insurance industry, many did not make the cut into the wind mitigation form.

Let’s put this puppy to bed Mr. Shishilla.

When you build your next home, would you call an Architect or Engineer to design it, or would you call the insurance industry?

im still waiting for him to answer my question.
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I use a Zircon MT-6 in a south Florida attic, with temperatures well over 120 degrees and humidity over 80% of course…doesn’t everyone?

Robert I am curious who you spoke with at ARA. I worked for ARA in the IntraRisk division once upon a time.


Herein referenced as “they” was for the AIR…that’s why I stated “and also”. The report they put together in 2011 was an awesome source and listed MANY faults in the current program. I had a phone conversation via conference call with 3-4 of their engineers, they understood the classifications for hip structures was being misrepresented by the insurance industry and not based on any design or reasonable construction practices.

It doesn’t take much to understand that engineers and architects are the ones who decide how a structure will perform in high wind conditions. Who in their right mind thinks an insurer is qualified to make a determination on what is and isn’t a hip roof feature?