Which is the dominate, Hip or Gable measured at the ends ?
And if Gable, how is the total footage calculated, Gable bottom chord plus the Hip in front ??
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I have a dutch hip on my house and it is considered a hip. looks just like it

You measure each gable from the bottom of the riser to the ridge (up) and down the riser in the opposite side. Add up the total of each gable to come up with your non-hip feature total. You than measure to entire roof line at the edge of the roof and add the gable non-hip feature total to the your entire roof line (perimeter) here is an example:
Non-hip total 15.5
Total roof perimeter 210.5
By just looking at the total roof P. 10 % of it is 21.05
So your total non-hip can’t be more than 21.05. In this example your total non-hip is 15.5 which means this house on the Wind Mitigation the roof type will be HIP because the non-hip features are less the 10% of the overall roof perimeter. Any questions let me know. Hope I answered your question and also help you. Good luck!

Overtime you will get couple of these inspections under your belt and it will come naturally to you. You will be able to be confident identify such by at plain eye sight.

I thought you measured just the length of the bottom chord of each Gable??? No ???

No!!!.. That is the biggest mistake inspectors make when figuring out the non-hip feature on a Wind Mitigation. If you measure in such way you are only coming up with the lnr feet not the actual non-hip roof calculation. Which makes you report wrong BIG time.

Joe, the form asks for linear feet of non-hip? Going up a chord and back down again, you’re actually measuring the 2 hip portions of the actual gable. Also, how would you get such measurement without physically getting up there, you sure as heck can’t eyeball it? Greg I have always and still do use the bottom chord measurement only.

Agree. Bottom chord. It’s clear in the NACHI Course and York’s Course.

In this case, the Non-Hip feature is NOT part of the Total Roof Perimeter. The Total Roof Perimeter is measured along the perimeter of the roof at the eaves. Since the gable feature is not at the eave it would not be included in the Total Roof Perimeter.

Oh I forgot whom I was speaking with, the inspectors who perform home inspections, roof inspections, without getting on the roof humm with all do respect. You have to detergent the slope or at least know how to in order to do such from the ground visually. Which im sure that’s what the course also talks about the different slopes. Listen I had multiple meetings with two of the lead inspector involve Heavily on this program in two different local training school in the state. Time and time again I have challenge this matter and each time in told and proven wrong about doing such the way you are taking about. I have done multiple re inspections were the inspector calculated such the way you mention and when challenged it has come back wrong on their inspection. If you like send me your emails and I will be glad to put you both in touch with at least one the inspectors at one of the schools and you can hear such straight from the source.

Remember just cause you guys have done such this it does not mean that is correct…

You should hash out your opinion with the NACHI people because it differs greatly from what is in their courses…

Bottom Chord of truss — not up and down at fascia of gable

I not upset by any means. I know the roof you are looking at is a Dutch roof type. All I’m saying is that when we started doing these inspections we were doing them in the same manner as you guys because when we took the training course that was how is was thought to us. After couple of years and thousands of inspections we canned to find out that we were doing such calculations wrong. This was in a conversation with those inspectors involve on the performance of this program. I understand what our association course says which is the same we were thought trust me but I share with you something we learned about 2 years ago and re confirmed right after Feb 2012. Like I said I’m willing to share our source with you guys. We are humans and don’t know everything and can always learn something new. Good luck. Let me know thanks once again.

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I was taught bottom chord as well.


Okay here you go another good one let me see what you say. What about a dormer that returns to the roof. How do you measure such??

Share your source.

Every class I have taken and have give, all manuals I have and have written say measure the bottom cord.

In this case you would measure the bottoms cord(s) and divide it by the perimeter.

Post a pict and I will tell you.

Don’t know where you are getting this, but sounds like you have been misinformed. All perimeter measurements are horizontal, (bottom chord of gables - not the rakes). And what Program are speaking of? If you would care to share, please let me know.