New York License?

My question is will license application be approved with 100 classroom hours, 35 unpaid inspections, 25 paid inspections, N.Y.State passing grade on exam, NACHI membership, module 5, required General liability insurance and $250 fee be enough for N.Y.S. license?

Your best bet is to contact the state with this information and see what they say. I am not being rude it is just that I received some information about licensing from fellow NACHI inspectors about my license which happened to be wrong when I contacted the state.

Carmine has given you the best advise, call the state and explain everything to them and they will tell you the correct answers. Best of luck.
Regards Len

If anyone has a question about Licensing in NYS. The person to contact is Earnest Dalaney (212) 417-2063. He is the Senior Investigator for the Department of Licensing. He is the one handling the questions for qualifications or educational requirements. Good Luck to all future Home Inspectors in NYS.


Ricky, thank’s for the info. Eventhough I’m currently a NYS licensed inspector I am gona keep this guys name and number handy for any future licensing issues or changes that may arise.
And yes, I agree! Good luck to future Home Inspectors in New York State!

Thanks for the help.