New York licensing law causing confusion

Yep, that’s N. Y. S. for you…

The law is not really that confusing all we have to do it read it. The one good thing it does is set up some consistant guidelines for inspectors. There is a time limit for going back and counting inspection. I personally think it brings everyone on a balance plain for starting a new process.
It is not the states fault for people who have backed of from the business. It is just like being a Nurse or any other good profession. If you are out of the business for a while, you are need to tighten up the training.
The other thing, it does it helps secure everyone to have some kind of formal training from this point on. So there is some guidelines for us to follow and some accountability for us keep us as inspectors inline.
I am not sure where the confusion is. As for educating the public that is up to us. We can use this as a tool to get us in the Real Estate Offices. I have been personally using my license to go into Offices and Attorney’s Office to introduce myself. It helps us to market to everyone. Use what we preceive to be ugly as good.
If you read that article really close, it basically seems as someone is whining instead of wanting to except a new change.


Rick, it isn’t whinning!! I agree, the law is a great thing to have. I believe what we are “whinning” about, myself included, is that the DOS waited too long to get the proper and COMPLETE information out to us on the requirements for licensing whitout giving some kind of “break-in” period to get up to speed. Please be careful! Just because one got their license without issues does not make them better than anyone else or should allow them to completely remove compassion for those of us who are less fortunate. What I have always said and will till I die: An OLD experienced being with the wisdom of the working thru the hard knocks of life will ALWAYS be the better being for the job than those “wet behind the ears” newbies straight out of education. Rick, I am not insinuating this towards you, I am just sticking up for the people that you are directing your comments too.

I agree with Bob. The state’s implementation of this law was poor at best.

Robert & Jon,

Don’t get me wrong. I will always show compassioin on the ones who fall between the cracks. I am not saying all the process was done right because I personally don’t think NYS handled this law properly. I have posted that on the other section of the board. I think the complete process was wrong. Then at the end of October early November the DOS comes out with the applications for a deadline of 12/31/05.
The whinning remarks are for the seasoned inspectors in all organizations. That remark was basically toward the article that was written in the That is what that was for and I believe the person who was whinning is NYAHI or NYASHI past president. Not the newer inspectors or the ones like Robert who got stuck in all this. The worst thing about all this, is NYS Law was pasted September 2004, he should of had a place to call to get information before he paid his 2500.00. Robert is one kind of person NYS Failed because they played games with this law for so long. I hate to say it but he should press someone to get his credits excepted especially as long as there was no one with answers with guidance for him.


I agree Rick. Who can I press?? ANYONE got some names??

Not for nothing, but you can probably be well on your with your H.I. career before this thing with the state is ever settled.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t try or that you don’t have a shot, but don’t bet to much on the fact that they will settle you soon. I hope they do for your sake. Your in a tough spot, wish you well !!!

Email your State Senator and Assemblyperson for help. I did and Things are looking better.


Let’s just hope that once the advisory council goes into effect, they do not have plans to try and make the law more restrictive. From a historical standpoint, I believe similar style councils have “interpreted” sections of other trade laws (like appraising) to specific numbers of hours/appraisals, and have implemented apprenticeship programs.

Bill Merrill has some information on this, and it is scary. I’d also advise forming a coalition to be ready for Licensing, Part Deux, should the council want to re-invent the inspection wheel.

I’m not saying its going to happen, but tht it is possible. In spite of any perceived shortcomings, we are all fortunate to be working with a group in the DOS that is listening, and trying to help in some difficult times. They didnt ask for any of this. It was handed to them, incomplete, with an attached deadline for implementation.

I think they did a pretty good job, actually. I’d tell that to the Governor and Sectretary of State, if I had the opportunity…

After taking so long to put the final applications, requirements (etc.) together, they should have moved the date back. Even if it meant to 07.

Adam, A Plus