Newbie here...worst scenario?

Beginning studies and mock inspections
Needed a break…
I’m trying to find something right with this… :thinking:

Welcome to the forum, Dave!

There is snow on the roof! :laughing:

hope this is not your house or next door to you

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This is a good time/place to start practicing how you describe deficiencies.

Tell us what’s wrong like you would for a client and get some CC.

if i was starting with the failure ,would want to know if cracks in mortar were there before failure and if so why was nothing done to fix .
then before this looks like sub standared construction note 2x4 roof trusses
and no bracing at all i would not walk on this roof let alown have snow load !!!

Roof rake edge flashing looks appropriate.

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It’s the RIGHT kind of example to use to show exactly what NOT to do when bringing overhead service into a dwelling. :smiley: Chuck’s suggestion is perfect - use it as a learning tool to develop solid narrative(s) for these deficiencies.

Thank you all for the feedback and input. I didn’t include the image of the service drop being directly above the clients hot tub and having less than 10ft clearance.
Documented, head scratching complete…moving on.