Relocating to the Austin area

Hi guys, my name is Fred Hernden. I am currently a Home Inspector in the Tampa, Florida area. I will be relocating to the Austin area at the end of this month. Moving closer to my hunny, kids and grandkids. I have been in business here for 8 years. I know it will be a task and a challenge to establish my business out there, but I am a pretty confident guy so there is no doubt in my mind I will be successful. I have been communicating with TREC and TPREIA for license requirements, as they are different than they are in Florida. Looking forward to meeting fellow Inspectors and being active with the local Austin Chapter!
Any recommendations or advice will be greatly appreciated!!

Ok, back to packing… :smiley:

Good luck

Thank you Frank… I will need it!!

Round rock and Austin are growing fast. Look into new construction inspections. Good luck

That would be correct for the major cities in TX. Lots of money to be made in phase inspections!

Good Luck Fred,:cool:

Thanks guys! I know lots of tech companies are bringing in people from California to the area. I was there in April and saw LOTS of construction going on! I will be there July 1st. Thanks for the support!!

Welcome to the Lone Star State! Plenty of work to go around…I think you will see.

Thank you Richard, I agree!

I look forward to hearing your opinions about the requirements in Texas VS where you came from…

George, I can tell you right now the license requirements are tougher in Texas. There is no 3 step process starting with apprenticeship! They just adopted the licensing program in 2010, but it’s not governed by any Real Estate Commission, the state has a Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). Texas requires more classroom hours as well.

Texas is tough, but I think that’s good for the “profession”.

Am a bit late in getting into the disscussion. Am the TPREIA membership VP this year and would like to invite you to test drive one of our chapter meetings. We have a robust chapter in Austin meeting once per month and any inspector is welcome. Contact Charles Schilller Pres 512-639-9905 for info and if you want to send me your email addy I will put you on the evite list.

Michael, I would love to come to all of the meetings. I will be there July 1st and looking to hit the ground running so to speak.

The TPREIA Greater Austin Chapter Pres is Charles Schiller for times and place

Fred, take my advice and join TPREIA.

Fred …

What has TREC told you about getting licensed out there.

Seems I’ve heard for new inspectors in Texas at this time its 148 hrs and apprentice with a licensed inspector for 100 inspections


Take 448 hrs and sponsor yourself.

Just moving into the area that could leave you sitting on the fence awhile.


Actually I have been in business here for 8 years. TREC told me I need affidavits from 2 persons who have personal knowledge of my work here detailing my known relevant experience for at least 5 years, and 330 classroom hours to apply for a Professional Inspector license.

Thanks Nick, I have already spoken with them and will do that once I get settled in out there. 9 days till moving day!! Excuse me… I have to go do some more packing!!

Fred …

Even with just 330 hrs of classes (JUST 330 hrs), that’s a bunch.

Take a close Look at Champions School of Real Estate. They offer not only real time butt-in-the seat classes in real estate, mortgage, insurance, home inspections, etc. They got classroom schools down in Dallas, Ft Worth, Houston, Austin & San Antonio.

PLUS if you had something that wasn’t available when you wanted it they got online and correspondence.