newly installed door wall leak.

We just had reliabilt 3900 series windows and door walls installed by Lowes on our house in March 2016. We have noticed water on the inside of the house in the sliding door track of the door wall after a rain. We have complained that we did not think that this is normal. Finally after a while Lowe’s came to our house with the factory rep to look at it. The rep said it’s the design of the door to withstand high winds. He poured water in the track and said that the weep holes are functioning normally. They left saying it is installed and functioning normally. We still don’t think the design of the door should be dripping water in the tracks on the inside of the house. We would appreciate some other expert opinions as to if this is normal or not from someone other than the installer or manufacturer who would defend both. I tried to post a video of the leak but was unsuccessful. We can see the water drip from the exterior sliding door into the track guide that the door sits on. Our concern is this also going to freeze in the winter months in Michigan. Thank you all in advance for any information you have to offer. Rich