sliding windows leaking when they get wet

I have a brand new “custom” home in El Paso. While washing the windows on the outside, water started to leak into the room. Realtor says this is normal but im not buyin it. Anyone have any expertise. They are sliding windows.

It is not normal…but real estate salesmen claiming defects to be “normal” … well, that’s normal. Not only is the window leaking water, but it is leaking air and is costing you a lot of money in wasted energy.

Depends on where the water is coming in. If it is filling the tracks and overflowing inside the home, the drains are either clogged or were never knocked out.

You need to bypass the realtor and contact the builder. This “normal” leak is only going to cause more damage to home.

Sliding windows do leak on the end because of the caps over the attachment nails. Slide your window and you will see the caps that have like crowns on them.They may have Low E coating and triple pane but this does not do a whole lot of good if air and water can get in past the panes of glass. The only way to solve this is to remove the little crowns and put weather proof strips on the outside seam of the window and re-adjust the locking mechanism.

the window is probably not flashed

There is no such thing as a normal leak…

Why should he do anything??? It’s a new home. Call the builder immediately and have him fix or replace the windows. What about mold? Is there mold growth under the floor covering or behind the walls because of the leak? Lots of possibilities.


I agree with what you are saying. The repair is to remove the window and replace with a better style. Most will not remove the window and that is when the only solution is to do what I have said.
It is always important to check if the leak has created a problem with the wall because of the sliding windows. This is a must to correct the problem.