Next Kansas HI Registration Board meeting on Aug 28th in Wichita.

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The Kansas Home Inspection Registration Board will be having its next meeting on August 28 at 9:00 a.m. at the office of Board member Ed Robinson which is at 300 N. Mead, Ste 200, in Wichita. This meeting should be the last meeting covering the requirements for pre-registration education and the Standards of Practice. For a copy of the latest version of the Standards of practice please visit our message board at

Visit “our” message board? How do you get this information? Are you tied in somehow? What do you know that we don’t? Who is RESINSPECT? Who sends you this stuff?

Jeff Barnes is RESINSPECT

Gary -

Besides just KS Board members, JB has started sending this Info out to ANYBODY that formally requests it and has an interest in the meetings.

What a guy.