Kansas Home Inspectors Registration Board meeting on Dec 2, 2010.

The Kansas Home Inspectors Registration Board will be having a board meeting at 12:30 p.m. on December 2nd in the basement auditorium of the Docking State Office Building, 915 S.W. Harrison, Topeka, Kansas. This meeting will include training of operational procedures for record keeping and Board officer changes. This meeting is a clean up session for the end of the year and no policy or rules and regulations discussions are currently on the adgenda.

Kansas termite renewal meetings are the same day in KC.

It has been about a year, and now they are just implementing a record keeping policy.:shock:

I wonder where the money is coming from. No one works for free.

I hear now that energy auditors are disguising themselves as home inspectors. These audits are coming to Kansas. One insulation company is doing free attic home energy audits, so they can get the business, needed or not, from installations of new insulation. This is similar to contractors doing free home checks, and they do it free for a reason.

Anyone, company, or individual doing any home repair or check of any home area/item for any real estate transaction should then be licensed. Appraisers doing home checks for lenders, insurance agents doing home checks for buyers, engineers doing foundation and structural evaluations, roofers doing roof checks, all must be licensed, registered, insured, and have state licensed educational requirements. Any contractor doing any home repair for any home buyer on any home listed for sale should be licensed, insured, and have educational requirements.

If home inspectors are required to be registered/licensed in Kansas, so should all of the above.