NFL Winner?

Who do you think will win the “Big Game”?

The Iggles.

Guess BK and Duffy voted :p;-)




With the Giants out… Who really cares?

I imagine the least watched Super Bowl ever would be Filthydelphia Vs Pittsburgh, no?

The superbowl is the last game next Sunday. The NFC doesn’t stand a chance. They might as well cancel the final game.

If those are the teams than we could probably get tickets pretty cheap.

Unfortunately, the Steelers. At least with the Cowboys, Giants and Broncos not in it, it will be a watchable game. As long as there is plenty of whiskey…

lions or the dallas blowboys :roll:

Who cares, I’ll be eating and drinking, and watching the commercials…while we play cards, goof off, and maybe catch a nap. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Philly, but have been a Kurt Warner fan since he won it all in STL.

Plus his wife looks hot.:slight_smile:

Hoping I’ll be at an inspection … I have no dog in this fight.

Can’t stand the steelers, can’t stand Ray Lewis, can’t route for the Eagles … worst time at an NFL game ever., and I don’t care for Kurt Warner.

Brady will hopefully be ready for the start of the 09 season … and the rest of the NFL can go back to chasing the Patriots. :slight_smile:

Celtics and Bruins are doing well… I’ll have to check to see if either of them have a game SB sunday. :slight_smile:

What ya got against Kurt.
He is a great personal story,and had the guts to thank Jesus Christ on National TV after winning the Super Bowl.

Sure beats all these criminals in uniform out there today.

Kurt was one of the biggest whiners during “spygate”.

I don’t care if he thanks god, Buddha or the head cashier at the local grocery store. I don’t like whiners… especially when they are millionaires.

Funny :mrgreen:

Looks to me like he only wants the rules enforced, and they were.

Really? Philly already beat Pittsburgh this year. And I don’t know that a rookie QB, Flacco, can handle the pressure of winning a Superbowl. The good thing about this season is that anything goes at this point. Different teams have been hot at different times. Philly kicked the $h1t Phoenix on Thanksgiving day this year. But that was not the same Cardinals team that we’re seeing right now. Plus, 'Zona plays tough in the desert.

This weekend will be interesting for sure. I’m pulling for my Eagles of course. And the NFL better hope that they make it from a ratings stand point.

You got ‘eagles’??:wink:

I got fleas…:roll::roll: