More prizes all night after the Super Bowl is over!

See ya back here.

Thanks Nick !!!

I’ll be too drunk.

Good Luck to you all.

Ill try again later then GO GIANTS


The giants may be good, but they don’t have a chance in the world.

The PATS are going to kick as$…ass.gif

We will see it is still anybodys game!!!

You guys get good and drunk ,so sober Bob takes all. (insert manic laugh)

I can just picture all you guys running back and forth between the big screen and the computer to check if you won during half time. How many guys spilled beer rushing to their computers?

David, I don’t need my TI to see that the GIANTS are hot.

You may very well need another drink!!!


Got my 27 flat screen right in back of the laptop.

The clock is ticking David and the Giants are ahead

What did you guys think of Tom Petty?

I’m glad it was a clean show !!!

You mut have kids.
I was lamenting on how they are so careful that he will not even be able to play his best song.
Guess …which one.

Tom Petty did a good. He sure hasnt changed much

Hey, who you callin’ a “mut” LOL :margarit:

Hey you got your dog tag avatar.:smiley:
What a game Giants ,just scored

Wow, that was crazy

yes!!! Go Giants

HAL did you have something to do with this??