NHIE 2-Volume Study Guides - Like New [$150 Shipped]

I have a set of the NHIE study guides for sale. Excellent condition, very lightly used, no highlighting. These are the newest version manuals available (printed 2019).

Paid $225 new after taxes and shipping. Asking $150 shipped.

I wish I could pay them forward for free, but I’m on a shoestring startup budget. :disappointed:

Please note, these manuals do NOT contain any sample questions.

PM me if interested.

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Good work. Good price.

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Nice, if someone is going to take the NHIE exam, Michael! :smile:

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Are both book sufficient to pass the exams?

If you read them, Michael… :joy: :rofl:

Also take InterNachi’s test over and over until you get in the 90s.

Good luck! :smile:

Hi Michael,

Probably, if you read and understand the material. This was my primary source of info. I also used the NACHI material and the Home Reference Book.

These books are the first reference material listed by the test makers for official study material.

Haha. Yes l plan to read them. Another thing is I hear there is a Canadian version of the NHIE. Any idea what the differences are?

Thanks. I was wondering if they are also good for the Canadian NHIE

I’m not positive, but I think so. The Canadian site (https://www.cahpi.ca/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=410&Itemid=97&lang=en) appears to link back to the same site I used to find these materials. I did not see Canada specific materials, but I can’t say with certainty whether or not they exist. Hopefully someone else can chime in.

No, I sure don’t, Michael…sorry.

I recommend you call EBPHI (Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors) for questions concerning the Canadian version or any other question you may have… They administer the test and are very helpful. Their number is 847-298-7750

Books have been sold.