New NHIE Study Materials?

Hi All!

New around here. Non-member in the early stages of understanding HI certification requirements and putting together a business plan.

I’m in WI, which evidently requires the NHIE. I’ve seen a lot of negative posts on here (seemingly for good reason) regarding it’s applicability. Nevertheless, I have to deal with it based on state requirements.

I was looking at the NHIE website, and it looks like they have very recently (5 days ago) published new study guides (here).

Has/will the NHIE test changed substantially? Or has anybody seen these new study guides yet? Looks like the old study guide is available online for ~$100, and these new guides would be more than double that.

Just wondering if the newer books are better organized to facilitate more efficient study and/or cover new material, or if the older book (at half the cost) is just as adequate.

I bought the NHIE book and read it 3x, highlighting pertinent imformation. Read read read, practice practice practice. They key to passing the exam is not being upset you have to take it. I failed 2x and passed on the 3rd. Just be patient and learn as much as you can from various resources and you’ll understand which is important to know and not. Good luck!

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Utilize InterNachi and the available courses. I also used the NHIE manual and the test prep book, as well as any of free resources from the NHIE website. After using the free practice quizzes online and more that are available in the books to practice I paid the $25 to take their official practice test. This paid practice test gave me great insight into my weak areas. I studied some more on these areas and then passed the proctored exam. Don’t forget this isn’t a test where all questions are graded equally. Do some research on exams with scaled scoring systems and how they work, check the FAQ on the NHIE site. I used the “prepare” page on the NHIE website, the content outline which can be found there was very helpful. It breaks down the content clearly. Know the material, and prepare for this type of exam, you will pass.


Thanks for the tips, fellas! Way back in 2006 I passed the FE computerized exam as well as the PMP computerized exam in 2011, which both had weighted questions. I’m relatively familiar with long duration computerized testing at an exam center, so once I learn the NHIE material and the question formats (choose the “best” of several correctish answers), I think I’ll be okay.

I guess I was more curious about the official study material itself, since it looks like there was revised study material made available just last week.

Maybe it’s too soon to know whether or not there’s actually benefit to the new material (layout and/or content) to justify the cost over the predecessor. Perhaps I just bite the bullet and get the newest stuff.

Much appreciated!

Michael, I would bite the bullet and get the new study guide. With home technology, construction etc. constantly changing, I am sure they added some new chapters. You can bet the new material will be on the test.
Learn the material in the study guide, do not memorize it, learn it.
I am confident if you did that, you will have no problem passing the test.
Best of luck to you.!!

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There may be more than one correct answer. Choose the BEST answer of the correct ones. :smile:

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I took the test a couple weeks back and passed it very easily. That was after studying quite a bit, taking a required class for VA and MD licensing, using some InterNACHI lessons and test prep questions, and going through the new two book study guide from NHIE. The exam is changing in 2020 and the new books have that material. I’ve heard the photos are better and there are other updates as well.

I’ll be an outlier to many who hate the exam and say that from my very limited experience it isn’t that bad. If you are someone who likes to understand how things work and learning (in homes and construction at least) you can do fine, as long as you study. Only a handful of questions on my test seemed out of place, and only a few more were really ambiguous. I do have some objections to a private company pushing states to require people to pay for a test that the company sells, but that is just business, particularly in a licensed and regulated industry…

As far as the test format goes you can mark questions that you are unsure of so that you can review them later. I went through the whole test and putting down an answer to every question and flagging a handful I had doubts on. Then went through the whole test again looking for dumb mistakes. Then I looked over the flagged questions one last time. Some questions you are unsure of may be clarified by later questions, or simply make sense the second time you see them. Absolutely review it all before you hit submit.

You have done these sorts of tests before so just work on that material, and go in clear headed and thinking positively. Good luck!


Thank you, @jdepiero and @megbert2 for your thoughts. I’ll order the new NHIE books and get to work! :slight_smile: Much appreciated!

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on my original inquiry. I’m happy to report that I passed the NHIE this morning.

The materials I used for study were:

  • Copyright 2019 NHIE 2-volume study guides (read section by section, after watching HIU videos. both books read cover to cover)
  • ~60 hours free videos on (dated 2017, but followed along closely with the new NHIE materials. Uses most of the same pictures from the printed material as well)
  • Carson/Dunlop Home Reference Book, 26th Edition (skimmed cover to cover after going through both NHIE books)
  • InterNACHI full courses, except final exam questions (25 Standards, Exterior, Residential Plumbing)
  • InterNACHI free online exam (used extensively throughout study to check on progress)
  • InterNACHI flash cards (with pictures)
  • InterNACHI “training” app (no pictures)

That is great news Michael, congratulations!

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Congratulations, Michael! :smile:

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Congratulations! Thanks for the info as well!

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