Free NHIE Study Guide

To the first one to reply.

I took the test yesterday and passed. This book has 100 sample questions that are very similar to what is on the test. It will give you a good feel for the type of questions to expect. I also recommend buying the NHIE Home Inspection Manual and Code Check 7th ed. If you study and learn the material there, you will pass.


Claude from Canada
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Congratulations Claude. I sent you an email.

Took the test Tuesday and passed and gave my study guide away yesterday.

Play it forward.

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This is what gave me the idea.

Yes, one of the things that separates inspectors from other professions. The other thing is we’re all so damn smart and good looking :mrgreen:

May I ask where you got the book?

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Hi I’m taking the test on Monday I would greatly appreciate a study guide

I’m prepping for the exam on Dec 2nd. I’ve been hammering away at the InterNACHI education courses and the practice exam here at InterNACHI.

My question for Isaac and Paul: Do the materials on InterNACHI reflect the actual exam at all? NHIE has practice quizzes available for $$, and I haven’t bothered with them. InterNACHI seems to have a lot of good prep material. Or do they?

I keep wondering if all this studying HERE is good but totally unrelated to questions on the actual NHIE. Can anyone say a few words about this?

I took the test back in october and that was soon after i passed the online courses and testing. The material that i saw on the test was about 50% as the other was almost practical knowledge of in field home inspection. As stated in other places, there are various tests and not all are the same.