More NHIE frustrations.

I would first like to say Hello and thank you accepting my request to join.

I have recently taken the NHIE exam and failed with a 447. I passed the AHIT exams with no real issues, and recently received a score of 87 on the InterNACHI practice test with 25min left. Prior to taking the NHIE exam I was getting 97% of the AHIT mock exam and practice tests correct. So I figured that I had a decent grasp of what was expected.
To my surprise I found that I was greatly unprepared, I did expect that some questions would be slightly different but not to that extent.
So my question is this. Is there anyone in the Phoenix area (I live in the East Valley) that has the NHIE study guide or maybe the manual that I could borrow, check out, or possibly rent for the next few weeks. I have recently purchased the Code Check Complete 2nd edition and I am studying that as I feel that codes and materials are my greatest weakness at this point.

Thank you.

Email me . I can help.

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Can you help me as well? I just took my NHIE and got a 447. I tried to emailing you with the email link that was provided to Justin and I got a reply from someone else.
I can take InterNACHI tests and pass but can’t seem to pass a state regulated test that ask me questions that aren’t even related to home inspection.
Is there a book that’s not ridiculously over priced? I’m a single mom and just threw away $225.00 for nothing on a test that is beyond ridiculous.

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Nikki Jerrett,
Try again …

Nikki, this is helpful and the questions on the NHIE have more than one right answer. One has to choose the best answer. Also, if you don’t know the answer to a question, mark it and come back to it, as some later questions help in choosing the best answer to the first question.

Edit: More info to peruse:

I recommend you purchase the NHIE study guide. I know it is not cheap, but it has all of the areas you will be tested on in it. If you study and learn (not memorize) what is in the guide, I am confident you will pass the exam. As Larry said, the questions may have more than one correct answer. You have to chose the BEST answer. Remember that it is a national exam and some questions may not be applicable to your area, but you will need to learn them regardless. Good luck and do not be discouraged.

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Larry thank you for the link. I’ve looked up all of the links on quizlet that pertained to the NHIE. There were so many questions that didn’t even pertain to a home inspector. I’m just frustrated. I’m a single mom. I can’t afford to keep handing over $225. Lol. Ugh.

Thank you Joseph. I think I’m going to post to see if anyone has the NHIE manual. Maybe someone will have one for sale. Thank you for the encouraging words.

I know this is an old thread but… I took the AHIT class also. Imho, they provided the required material to meet the state minimum. Basically a semester crammed into 6 days. I didn’t think it prepared me for the National test. The class is only a pre-requsit be allowed to take the National standard exam, not a class to pass it. The rest is on me. But I was told this so it was what I expected.

I am mentoring someone now who took the same required class over a full semester at a community college. I suggested she take the free InterNACHI tests over and over until she passed in the high 90% every time. I think I was averaging around 97-98% before I took the National test. Those %s are atainable with repetition. She failed miserably on the free InterNACHI practice exams after the AHIT class. I also re-read every study guide provided by AHIT… at my own pace and re-took the quizes. Not at the lightning pace of an AHIT class. This took over a month. Then I took and passed the National test. I still didn’t know a lot of answers but I believe those questions were not heavily weighted. I had never heard of them before. The questions in the free InterNACHI practice tests and the AHIT material are apparently heavily weighted questions. Even though I struggled with the National test, I passed with a fairly high score. That’s when I came to understand that some questions are more heavily weighted than others. I was prepared for those questions. If you want to take it a step further, dive into the InterNACHI basic courses. They are better than the required pre-requsit AHIT class and free if you are an InterNACHI member. I’m not at all unhappy with AHIT. Imho, they crammed as much as possible into their class in the time required by te state of Maryland. At a bare minimum, take the 25 standards and the ethics InterNACHI courses. They will help with some of those odd test questions.

I wish they let me use a dictionary…

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