Nice car jacks!!! & wall question

What is with this wall? Why are the middle blocks installed like this? And what is the deal with the trowelled repair to 1/2 the wall?

There is a bdry system on this wall but I looked like the wall was moving at one time.

How do you like the jacks!!! And the excessive lint from the dryer and the disturbed insulation and… You get the picture(s)

The realtor wanted to know why I was so dirty?


At least we all know that the dryer vent is still functioning.

If the bottle jack seal lets go it will only go down about 1". What a waste of a good bottle jack.

What a mess!!!

What is up with some owners to have this type of mess?
This write-up must have been interesting.;

Marcel :slight_smile: :shock: :wink:

Looks like a Harry Homeowner fix for sagging floors or settlement … :roll:

:shock: … :smiley:

Speaking of jacks…

This one’s been holding for years.


Why does it look like the stair support is sitting on a drain pipe?

I bet that basement was in good shape.

It doesnt look like the jack is supporting anything.

I bet that house is a fixer upper.


Look real close. You can barely see the lip holding that post. It’s full of dirt…

Look at my arrow…


Where is the troweled repair? The block on the right side of the picture with the horizontal lines?

If those are 16x8 block then they were installed by a novice, the edges of the block should rest on the (middle) webbing of the block below. Some of the vertical joints dont appear to line up in the middle of the block below.

Are the jack pictures of the same house? Who could think that would be a good idea?


at least that’s actualy a HOUSE JACK. not a car cack. still only for use to jack the house, and remove after properly supported. i’ve seen tons of these in use up here as cottages are turned into yr. rounders. i grew up down the street from i guy who now does that for a living. he’s got a 6 jack hyrolic set up that can life a house 6" in 1/2 hr. (after set up.) then block it, jack it, block it, jack it, and after 4 hours, ONE guy lifts a house 2 feet for a slab dig and pour, etc. pretty cool to watch too.