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This is the winner for the week.

The jack post in the photo is in a house approximately 100 years old with a stone foundation.

The jack shown is supporting three joists that are no longer secured to the header except for a metal l bracket that is useless and the header itself is unsound and deteriorating. Best as I can tell the jack is setting on a rock at best no foundation, jack looks to be home made and the floor above has at least a ?? sag in the middle with the vanity having one side visibly shimmed up. This is also the area for supporting a wall two stories tall and carrying a roof load. On top of this the entire house had recently (2 to 4 weeks) been dry walled and painted. Can we all say together ?consult a structural engineer? prospective buyers found this before I did they were visibly upset.

![icon_lol.gif](upload://zEgbBCXRskkCTwEux7Bi20ZySza.gif) The home has other issues but probably the most humorous is the kitchen light turns on and of ok as long as the bath room light is on, if the bathroom light is off so is the kitchen light. They bootlegged of the switch leg of the circuit.

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So much for disclosure! ![icon_biggrin.gif](upload://iKNGSw3qcRIEmXySa8gItY6Gczg.gif)

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Of course those seller disclosure statements are such a joke. After the fact, the seller can just say they weren’t AWARE of any of the defects. Or, “That’s the way is was when we bought the house and nobody said it was a problem back then” . You gotta laugh at some of the B.S. we hear every day.