interior crawl space jack posts

Dirt crawl space, 1950 house added onto 1990 house raised and new footing and pressure treated walls and pony walls installed, what say you about the various jack posts, left under the 1950 house portion.

various heights some on 3x3 concrete footings with metal jack posts in center some of the center(bad), not attached, some wood on wood on dirt, not attached,

thoughts, comments…


last 2 pics of large hole under 1950 section of house,






There were conditions present in the structural support system that indicate there has been a liberal approach to proper installation practices. This type of installation has the potential to become problematic in the future. Temporary support posts or poles were noted. They are improperly installed and of an amateurish type. They look like someone is attempting to use a “Temporary Support” in place of a permanent one. We recommend having a licensed structural engineer OR competent and licensed foundation contractor review these … Then service, repair or replace the supports as needed to safely and properly correct them.

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