Nick, all of my CE's have disappeared...

since I rejoined. Is there anyway to get them back?

No, NACHI keeps no records. Although now that I’ve said that they may “magically” re-appear.

Nick has stated on the MB that “records” are kept for a year before being deleted.

We shall see.

I sure hope you are right ML. It would be a shame to lose all credits for missing a few days. I wonder if JB lost his also?

As previously posted and confirmed by Nick, it is up to the member to keep track of his own CE.

If you remember them. Just re input the courses.

I did keep up with them, I logged everyone, but they no longer exist.

The only ones listed under my log-in are those from the last ‘membership year’ (it doesn’t say that but the dates are right).

Nothing old is in there… Keep all your own records, as advised…:shock:

Slowly now…I do keep up with my own CE’s, however, the ones from last year are gone! Get it? I guess the only way to get a response from staff, is to say something bad about Nachi! :roll:


I e-mailed you twice today. If you didn’t get my messages, please e-mail me directly.

If you want a response from InterNACHI, posting on the message board is the least effective way.



If you kept your own records, they are not “gone”.

  • You did them
  • You documented them
  • You have the records

They may not be “here” but they are not “gone”.

Get it? :roll:

Wasn’t a put on you Ken… sorry if it sounded as such…

I just never check it either and thought I had several years worth of inputted data…

but do not…:shock:

So, I’m glad I keep a log in my desk as well…

Make sure

you log in

go to add to continuing education log

and hit view all

Mine are all there including the one I added recently.

Chris, I have emailed you twice, to no avail, but I will try again, thanks.

I did Michael.

No problem, sorry if I sounded angry Michael.

Chris, I replied to your email, thanks for looking into this. Ken

Has anyone seen my cheese? No?

Boy…you’re asking for it!:):slight_smile:

No cheese Joe… I see plenty of “Whine” though. :wink: