Nearly 200 CE's Listed

Check it out at Over six years worth of NACHI continuing education credits.

These lists are the ones that were assembled by the education committee and others. Of significance were.

Rob O’Connor
Paul Hinsperger
Gerry Beaumont
Claude Lawrenson
Russel Myers

This should make it nice and easy for all NACHI Inspectors to find the listing.

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Thanks to all! :wink:


This is a great list. It would be even better if approvals for state education requiments were listed with each course. In TX, I need courses that TREC has approved for CE. I would imagine the same for some other states.


That would be way over my head and capabilities. I couldn’t even fathom the time it would take to check with each state and see if any of these are acceptable for their ce requirements.

If someone sends me a listing of those that are accepted for their state I would be happy to oblige.

I wasn’t suggesting that you do it but the indiviual course providers should be able to do it for their courses.

I guess you could email each one of them and ask them to. Why not. Good idea, go for it.

John…Looks great.

Any chance of having a similar page on the NACHI web site?

Thank you very much Mr. Bowman, these will help me be the very best inspector I can be!

I appreciate it!

Ron, this is news to me. Does Texas now accept online courses?

Very nice John. What I like most about NACHI is the vast online educational resources that are available.

Nick, if the service provider and instructor have been pre-approved by TREC then, yes, Texas does accept on-line courses for CE. I’ve mentioned several times on different threads that NACHI or NACHI providers really need to step up and get TREC approval for training so that these courses are more attractive to Texas HI’s. Details can be found at

Hi! John;
Let me ask you this; when New York comes thru with it’s CE program will the CE credit for the state count towards Nachi CE’s:roll:
Or should I ask Nick.


NACHI’s long standing policy has been to accept any CE’s that the States approve. Doubt if this will ever change. New Yorks approved CE’s will count towards NACHI CE’s.

Good question and thanks for asking. Hopefully this will help others.

Best wishes,