ed log

I checked my ed log and only have 1 course that I took in 1/2010 all the ed I took in 2009 does not appear. When I tried to add them it said I had already received credit for these. My 1st year is not up yet. I have lost 16hours of con. ed. according to interNACHI records.

(After you are signed in) at the top of the Education Log page…

Did you click the…

View Completed Courses
Exam Sessions

If they are not listed there, send Lisa &/or Chris an email at fastreply@nachi.org

Also, I strongly recommend that at least once a year, go in and print a copy of your completed courses. One never knows when something goes wrong, and everything is lost. It is “your” responsibility to keep track of your CE’s and Exam sessions.


If you took the courses BEFORE you became a member and thus BEFORE you had a member username and password, they will not appear in your CE log as the system has no way of knowing it was you back then. Call Lisa Endza at www.nachi.org/contact.htm and she can pull them up for you and hand enter them.

Thanks for the information. I’ll follow both of your advice.