Nick Gromicko and InterNACHI surpass boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s 50-0 record

Professional boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. has a boxing record of 50-0. Mayweather began his career in 1996, the same year InterNACHI was founded by Nick Gromicko. Since then, InterNACHI and Gromicko have been named defendants in 55 lawsuits.

The most important fight lasted 7 years and resulted in a win for home inspectors who won the right to use infrared cameras on inspections: Nick Gromicko Wins Seven-Year Legal Battle to Protect Home Inspectors' Right to Use Infrared Cameras - InterNACHI®.

With today’s win in Tennessee, Nick Gromicko takes InterNACHI’s win-loss record to 55-0.


hopefully all the newbs wont come out of the wood work now.

What was this win regarding Nick? And congrats

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You have certainly done well, but … ooops

Congrats Nick!!

That was scumbag ASHI and EBPHI fighting our motions in a case we already won against both of them: InterNACHI Defeats ASHI in Court, Again and InterNACHI® Defeats Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors (NHIE) in Court, Again

It is my personal legal philosophy to try to keep lawsuits going and going and going and going, even after I win, as I did in these cases. I’ve even appealed cases that I won. This strategy prevents future lawsuits.

I’ll tell you a funny story: Some plaintiff’s attorney once called inspection industry attorney Joe Ferry (who was my personal attorney in Philadelphia before he ever had anything to do with our industry) about a suit he was going to file against me. Joe suggested that he review my legal case history. The next day the plaintiff’s attorney called Joe up, thanked him (LOL) and we never heard from him again.

I’ll tell you another funny story: I got a $100 traffic ticket in Colorado. Inspection industry attorney Mark Cohen appealed it all the way up to the state Supreme Court. This is the only time in Colorado history that a traffic ticket got appealed to the Supreme Court. I won.

Anyway, if you want to adopt my philosophy, you have to be wiling to do a few things. First, when you are sued, you have to find a way to countersue the plaintiff so that they can’t get out of the ring, even after they lose. Second, you have to have the stomach to stay in court for many years. Third, you have to beg your attorneys to knowingly file motions they suspect can’t win and to look for ways to keep dragging out the case or ways to appeal, even if you win. This is difficult for most attorneys as they are accustom to their clients complaining that their case is taking too long. Also, as officers of the court, they are prohibited from using the courts as a way to punish an opponent… so you have to find somewhat legitimate arguments to keep the case going and going and going. The nicest thing about our justice system is that the wheels grind slowly. And my strategy is to cause them to grind even slower and longer. We’ll see who runs out of money first.

In the order I posted above, you can see the plaintiff dismissed their own case against InterNACHI. :wink:

A related side note: I fought an infrared camera patent troll for 7 years (where I lost initially and then finally won) to protect home inspectors’ rights to use IR cameras on home inspections. We believe we cost the plaintiff upwards of a million and a half dollars. It’s a good, short read: Nick Gromicko Wins Seven-Year Legal Battle to Protect Home Inspectors' Right to Use Infrared Cameras - InterNACHI®

There is a really good, old movie I saw as a small boy called Zulu (1964) starring Michael Caine. The Zulus attack the British Army and the British Army succeeds in holding them back. They begin to congratulate each other as they think they’ve won. But what the Zulus actually did was send in a mediocre small force just to observe the weaknesses in the British defenses. Then after they lose that battle, round two begins where the Zulus attack in full force against a tired opponent, and with the advantage of all the information previously gathered. That part of the movie had a big effect on my thinking years later, in court (which is a battlefield). Check it out: Zulu : Michael Caine, Richard Burton, Stanley Baker, Ulla Jacobsson, Jack Hawkins, Nigel Green, James Booth, Paul Daneman, Ivor Emmanuel, Cy Endfield, John Prebble, Cy Endfield, Cy Endfield, Stanley Baker: Prime Video

Later, as a little boy in school, I remember our teacher Miss Kosher going around the room asking what everyone wanted to be when they grew up. I replied: “A Zulu warrior.” She didn’t know what that was. But as it turns out… I got to be one.

Dang it. You all got me wanting to watch Zulu again. I haven’t seen it in more than 50 years. I’m watching it tonight.

Why would you. Fools errand!

The district court said you lost the countersuit you filed against ASHI because you had no damages. You filed an appeal, and the appellate court denied your appeal and agreed with the district court and with ASHI that you had no damages or grounds to sue. ASHI defeated your countersuit in district court and, again, in appellate court.

The Chief Judge of the appellate court that denied your appeal put it this way: "InterNACHI relies solely on speculation and conjecture to establish harm. Based on this lack of evidence, no reasonable jury could conclude that InterNACHI was injured by ASHI’s tagline … For the foregoing reasons, we AFFIRM the district court’s grant of summary judgment in favor of ASHI. "

That makes you at least 50-2 no matter what movies you watch on television.


James, you are certainly an excellent fact finder.

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I don’t count countersuits and motions after I’ve already won. I just pile those on to cause my defeated opponent to have to keep fighting. They sued me for defamation (and lost). I knew had no damages. Three judges and 8 attorneys told me I had no damages. I countersued anyway. Was told again. And then I appealed anyway.

In a few cases the plaintiff ran out of money AFTER losing to me. Remember, in the U.S., you have to keep fighting. Losing only gets you out of a lawsuit if there isn’t a countersuit.

I explained why. This family dropped their suit against InterNACHI just days before we filed a countersuit. My system works.

Correct. That’s me! :wink: They sued me for defamation. I had no damages against them. And I already won.

Everyone who sues me in the future knows I countersue and I keep fighting, long AFTER I win.

I stayed up all night watching Zulu. Did anyone eles?

So, you are undefeated in the suits you count and you have lost suits you do not count. Got it.

The court finding that I posted above tells a completely different story about the lawsuit than your message board post. Perhaps you should read it.

In any event, you certainly appear to have earned that black eye, Nick.

Frankly, I found the court’s description of ASHI’s growth (8000 members) and doubling their new members during the recorded time period, and comparing it to NACHI’s total membership of 24,000 to be quite interesting. I didn’t know ASHI was doing so well.

Relying upon speculation and conjecture is what you do best, Nick. You’ve built a home inspector association on it and you have done a great job. Why pollute everything with hyperbole?

Not hyperbole. Name a suit I lost.

No. It was one of my countersuits I filed in a suit that I won. Those are wins (me punching after the final bell). Not a lawsuit that I lost, appealed and then eventually won. Those are wins (me winning after I got knocked down in an earlier round).


Not the court finding I posted above. I really suggest that you read it.

It says you sued ASHI in district court under the Lanham Act and lost. You appealed your loss to the appellate court, they reviewed your argument, and found in ASHI’s favor.

In those two separate actions brought before two courts, you are 0 - 2. I haven’t looked but judging by your calculation system (and court verified affection for “speculation and conjecture”), I’ll bet there are more.

Yes, you have to file a countersuits and motions to get damages or legal fees (which I’ve never been awarded even once in my entire lifetime. I lost every attempt I made). Failing to land a punch in a boxing match you that you win is a win. Ask any boxer.

Everyone in America knows an attorney (or a kid in their first year of law school). No one has to take my word for it. Ask one. Ask if winning a lawsuit but failing to be awarded legal fees or damages in a countersuit is considered a win or a loss. Those are considered wins. Ask any attorney.


I did not watch it, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Zulu.

It’s the British equivalent to our Westerns. I love Westerns. It’s about all I’ll watch anymore.

And when you lose the suit, as you did at both the circuit and appellate level, you lose the suit … except in the mythical and mysterious world of Nick where hyperbole, conjecture, and speculation become fact once it appears in your message board post.

I don’t have the time to waste going any deeper into the rabbit hole with you on this one, Nick. I will let the court’s ruling speak for itself. I will also add this court order, as well, for a case you said you “won” but the court said, “there is no prevailing party” which makes you 50 -2 - 1

No you don’t!!! LOL. Who told you that?

When someone sues you and you win, and you file a countersuit or motion for damages or for legal fees or whatever and then lose the countersuit or motion for damages or legal fees (in other words you aren’t awarded anything additional), the failure to win damages or legal fees has NO EFFECT on the lawsuit you already won. Ask any attorney. Those are wins.