Nick Gromicko Google Ads

Can you explain this advertisement? Does iNACHI have a CPI?

InterNACHI runs many covert ads to generate traffic for our members’ individual inspection business websites. This is but one of those ads. We actually run google ads for EVERY single member of InterNACHI to help them get inspection work and to prevent non-members from getting that inspection work.



See the PIC of the back of this truck in a recently started thread:

Where’s mine? :wink:

Our covert google adword campaigns pull from our membership data, so every member gets promoted with these ads in their local markets.

Exactly why I have been sending new guys to other associations.:slight_smile:
Now the ads are referring to me more often on percentage basis.


We’re working on a Bing ad campaign for members too.

Why waste money on Bing?

Well, it’s pay-per-click. So if I can buy a click through to a member’s site from Bing for less than I can on Google, I’ll take it. But you are right, according to your chart we should expect 1/10th the opportunity to drive a consumer to a member’s site from Bing.