Fake Certification

Do all InterNACHI members, CPI’s & CMI’s show up from the Inspector Search link?

I know of a company that says they are NACHI certified and don’t see any of their inspectors listed there?

If they are claiming to be certified and are not, what do we do?

They also claim to be AHIT certified and was wondering how to check that or does that even exist?


Note: they do have the plain NACHI logo on their website, not the CPI logo, but clear claim to be NACHI & AHIT certified & trained.

Wow! Glenn . $250 for up to 4000 sf?
You are giving them away

$425 for a 10,000 sq ft house? These prices have to be misprints. There’s no way those are real.

It’s a hobby job as he has his pension to live on. We see a lot of that crap pricing around here as well with same!

Just out of curiousity guys. What does how much he charges have any bearing at all on his question?

Excellent point. It is disturbing when someone asks a question and gets attacked. Come on guys, be a little more supportive to a fellow InterNACHI member. Try to bridle yourselves from jumping into attack mode. It is childish, yet, has become so predictable and tiresome.

Glenn, can you provide a link to the HI’s website? This might help Nick or others determine if the Company is or is not truly an InterNACHI member.

It doesn’t.

Glenn, I don’t know the answer to your question but thanks for your service in the Air Force…retired no less. :slight_smile:

Email Nick and ask him: fastreply@nachi.org

Do you have a link to this “imposters” website?

Thanks to those that answered my questions.

Not going to list the company for legal reasons as I don’t have the answer to this:

“Do all InterNACHI members, CPI’s & CMI’s show up from the Inspector Search link?”

I don’t need to get sued because they are certified but just don’t show up in http://www.nachi.org/find-an-inspector/

Seems like I should email Nick. Thanks for that advice.

Just an FYI that the market is what it is here. I have done 350 Inspections in the last year at these prices. You go much higher and you sit at home. I have never done over 6,500 SF and see over 4,000 SF about once every 3 months.

Colorado has no certification requirements or regulation of home inspectors so anybody can start a company and apparently say they are certified by InterNACHI or whoever. Nobody checks from what I can tell.

Thanks again & have a great day.

No. Not all CMIs are members of InterNACHI and not all CPIs wish to be visible on our 4,500 inspector search engines including www.nachi.org/directories.htm

Thank you, Nick.

Thank you, Larry. I appreciate all of the benefits that now go with it and had a blast doing my job.

This is not just a hobby for me. I approach everything I do as a profession. I give the inspection, the client and and report everything I have, every time.

I am retired enlisted. The pension is the hobby (in quantity only). Don’t know a whole lot of people that can live on $1200 per month. Officers get the big bucks but it’s a nice supplement.

We all get better medical benefits than just about everybody else. We have copays and deductibles but it’s still access to great care for a great price.

Thanks to all of you that make that possible with your taxes and your support.

Just want to make it clear that this is no company that I have ever worked for. This was a brief encounter out in the community.