Nick, Is it cold enough yet?

Nick, I was wondering if was cold enough for you yet to break out your Nachi leather jacket ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Funny you should mention that Mark. Nick just told me to order NACHI/CMI lambskin black leather jackets! They are $50 before the lettering which is an excellent price! They are in your size too Mark. Want one? NACHI?

Anyone who wants one can email Nick or myself and let us know.


Thanks Wendy, I already have my nachi jacket. :smiley:

I can’t complain. It is cold but the weather in CO is almost always gorgeous. No humidity. Always very sunny.

Last week they opened a big new mall in Boulder… all outdoors.

Our Denver airport has no roof either, it is a tent. No ceiling.

I love the Denver Airport. I ended up sleeping there once. :slight_smile: I didn’t love it THAT much. :wink: It sure is beautiful though.

Where can I see one of these jackets?

Kenton, I have mine listed in the Nachimall under leather jackets. Prices do varies so give me a call for a quote. :slight_smile: