PICs of Nick's place. I woke up to 16" of snow.


That looks so nice,very picturesque.We have not had snow here in Toronto as of this morning and to be honest I don’t want any.The only time of year I like snow is Christmas morning.

Nick I hope you have a snow blower and I hope it’s not your son!!

With that much snow, when do you find time to drive the Vette?

I shoveled us out myself so he could go sled riding.

I’m from a PA/WV coal mining family (WT) so shoveling is in my blood. I actually like it.

The vette stays in Boulder, about a mile lower in elevation than where I live. I go to work with a winter coat on and by the time I get down to Boulder I can wear a T shirt.

It’s also very good for Cardio.Good for you Nick!!

Jeanne says, there’s no snow here, so she’ll drive the 'Vette . . . .

Pretty Cool…

It isn’t as bad as it looks. Nederland has more sunshine than Miami Beach and no humidity. I can sit on my deck and watch the Continental Divide (my back yard) get hit with feet of snow, while it remains sunny on my deck almost year round. The Divide sucks out all the moisture and snow from the clouds which can’t make it over the Divide. What’s left is 100% clear almost every day of the year. It really is one of the sunniest places on earth up here.

Nice thing about Colo is, snow all night, stops at 10 AM, by 1 PM roads are clear and dry . . .

Imagine 30 degree temperature, high altitude (little atmosphere to block the sun), low latitude (I’m at the same latitude as Virginia), relentless sun, the top of the Rockies just to my West (keeping the skies clear), and no humidity. You can ski in your shorts with girls in bikinis. :smiley:

Russell is right, he used to live here. We call it the sun plow. Comes out at and burns off all the snow. Sunglasses (which I refuse to wear) are a must.

One of my favorite inspection areas was Estes Park in the winter.
I went to every RE Board meeting there, year 'round, just to zip up the curves out of the (mile-high) flatlands and hit that beautiful little town with all the elk hogging the road. Traffic was often stopped as far as you could see. Windows down, arrive on the job, and inspect in a shirt.


I love Estes Park! I think I told you Russell that my dad pastored a little tiny church on the edge of a cliff up there. (just another placed we “ran” into each other eh?)

Another beautiful thing to visit is the mansion there where they filmed “The Shining”? That is so gorgeous! What a place to visit! The scenery leaves you breathless!

I heard Denver got a huge blizzard. Is that the snow you are talking about Nick?

I miss snow. :frowning:

I wanna make a snow igloo and crawl inside with an itty bitty fire and a smoke hole at the top. And i wanna roast weenies and marshmallows. :slight_smile:

10 inches of sun predicted today with no skiing

Oh do I miss the days when Missouri had those kind of snow’s. I have seen it a few times in the past 10 years,however:i the old days it would snow 16 inches and stay on the ground a few days.Not anymore…usually only get two or three inches and it goes away the same or next day.Doesnt get cold enough to kill the ticks here anymore…not that freezing and snow killed them anyway.I have talked to a researcher that said he frooze live ticks and they came out of it alive when taken out of deep freeze 6 months later…uuck!Not sure why I felt complelled to share this …but oh well…you know crawing into areas where vermit lives increases a home inspectors ricks of getting a tickborne don’t have to be in the woods to get tick bites.Mice ,birds and squirells carry ticks into yards and homes everywhere.I live in the Ozark Mountians…tick heaven.

Looks very pretty! (but cold…hope you have your fire going!)

Looks nice on a Christmas card and when I’ve got my skis on in Mammoth, but definitely not my cup of tea.

Still wearing my shorts and T-shirts here - I agree with Mario - snow on Christmas and I happy - you can have all the snow you want NicK - great pics.