Nick's inspection riddle #11. Can you solve me?

I’m a miniature version built into the full.
Open me first to make sure it’s cool.

What am I?

Panel box cover?


Masonry chimney clean-out?

Spam blocker notification . . .?

Nope and nope.

Peep hole in an exterior door?

The top freezer of a Frig?


Quick guide that comes with an owner’s manual.

Inspection access opening in the septic tank lid.

I just woke up with it-
Preview pics in inspection camera


MLS listing of the home … Roy

Sink spray nozzle.

Ice maker

A riddle.

Did I win?:smiley:

AC access panel for evaporator coil.


Hint: The words “it’s cool” in the riddle are not as in temperature, but as in “it’s alright” or “it’s O.K.”

As in preview pane of a pic in inspection camera . .