Nick's inspection riddle #4. Can you solve me?

I look for leaks, but I’m not a home inspector.
I love balance, but I’m not an art collector.
Sometimes I’m frustrating to find.
Sometimes I’ll save your behind.

What am I?



My Dad, who is 92.

Nope, keep trying. When you get it, you’ll see that all 4 lines of the riddle apply. It is very related (common) in the inspection industry.

I’ll ship a one ounce bar of pure .999 silver to the member who solves my riddle.

C/O detector ?

Thermal Imager

Natural gas

a good lawyer

This may be shocking but I’m raising the prize to TWO bars of silver.

Indoor air quality.

Energy auditor


The prize is now up to THREE bars of silver.

Gotta head out of the office for a while. I’ll be back late this afternoon. If no one solves it by the time I get back, the prize is going up to FOUR bars of silver.

water meter

Nope. See ya this afternoon.


GFCI breaker or receptacle !!

I say a sump pit. Liz says radon mitigation system.