NJ License Application Question?

I applied for my license 2 weeks ago and I haven’t heard anything at all yet. Not even sure if they received it since they haven’t cashed the check yet either and all the nonsense with the USPS recently. Anyone from NJ know how to check on the status of the application? Calling NJ Consumer affairs has been the most useless thing I’ve done in recent knowledge. Thanks for your help!

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Good luck with your license. I have noticed that the post office is running slower with the pandemic, however.

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Fellow New Jersey Home Inspector here. I hand delivered my “application package” when I applied. It took about a month to hear from the state.
Go to the New Jersey Home Inspector Advisory website. Search for your name and see the notes. It may say pending or show a license number. Also, check the meetings status.
If you have any questions, contact me.
Happy Inspecting.


Thanks for the reply! I wanted to hand it in person as well but with the virus they weren’t allowing that. No luck on the name search but I will keep on looking for the meeting status. Looks like they had one just 3 days before I submitted my application. Thank you for your help!

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