No Access to 3-Family roof

I had a 3-family inspection this past week-end where I had “no access” to the flat roof 40 feet up. The Sellers’ had previously removed the decks and roof access hole (at the rear) which left “No access” to this roof today.

I told my Buyers that I had to disclaim the roof due to the situation at hand. My Buyers’ dad immediately grabbed his cell phone and pushed one number. I then overheard him stating, “Hello Charlie, I want you to bring the ladder truck to (address of inspection) right away. We have a roof we need to get access to ASAP”. Five minutes later, a red shiny ladder fire truck showed up (with their emergency lights on) in front of the house that I’m inspecting and they simply raised the ladder for me so I could access the roof.

I was amazed at the speed of this roof inspection. Damn, I’d like to have a fire truck available for me on daily basis.

Here’s the pics…


Now that is just cool.

40 ft. ! Did you wear a safety harness?

What’s a safety harness? Just kidding…

I inspect 3-family roofs every week and I have never even considered wearing safety harness. I’m good to go.

I enjoy heights anyways. I’ve jumped from hundreds of aircraft when I was an Airborne Ranger back in the 80’s.

There are times where I stand right on the edge of a flat roof and my clients always gasp when I converse with them while they are on the ground below.

Looks kind of like Rick’s ride


That’s awesome. Nothing like having a little support from your clients :smiley:

David, that is simply awesome. A pic of that needs to go in your marketing material!!:shock: Amazing.

I need clients like that here in Philly. Seems like all the 2 story houses have been sold and only the 3 story ones are left to inspect anymore. I wind up climbing up to the second floor addition and then pulling my ladder up behind me or shoving it through a window. 40 foot ladders won’t hit most rooftops around here, so the roofers use 60’s when they have to get up there. I’d look like a helicopter driving down the street with one of those on my Caravan…LOL

That is definately cool though.

Nothing like the Government comming to the rescue.

But as a former Fire capt i wonder what would happen if there was a delay at fire? I bet someones … would be in a vise.
But i have to admit looks like fun . Love the red truck

Great to know people who have connections like that :slight_smile:

Never hurts to ask…

Then all you’d need would be a midget with steel teeth and a flat head.

I don’t care about the truck, but the ladder is awesome!


When I get ample time, I will be placing these pictures on my front web page with a caption stating “I go to great lengths to inspect your roof”.

These are great marketing images, indeed.


My Buyers’ dad (fireman for this ladder truck) told me that he is using this as a training exercise. He even mentioned that if they received an emergency call, the ladder would be coming down immediately.

It all worked out great, for the time we did have using this ladder truck.

LOL ah the old training exercise Used that been there done that one .
So when are you joining the fire dept, Just think it would be on hand anytime you need it. Also SCBA for the those units that had 30 dogs and cats left in it.

So, on your next inspection, you forget your ladder, just call 911?