No branch ground wires in sub panel box

I inspected a condo today, all receptacles tested “correct wiring” with my Ideal Suretest 61-059. When I removed the sub panel box cover, there were no ground wires in the box, only hot and neutral wires were present.

  1. How could this be correct at the receptacle?
  2. How would you report this on the inspection report?


Most likely the place was wired with AC cable which has a metallic jacket that qualifies as the equipment grounding conductor. The receptacles would require a jumper to the box or they must be the self-grounding type.

That makes perfect sense, as I did see AC cable in Kitchen lights. Thanks for your input.

You’re welcome. I failed to mention, you didn’t say how old the place was but there is also a new type of cable, MC-ap that would appear to be like AC cable without an insulated EGC. This new stuff has only been around a few years.