hiring my first employee

Im new to the business but business is expanding quickly. I could use ideas on hiring my first employee. Do I do a 1099 or actual employee, what do I pay them, where do I find qualified inspectors to hire? that kind of information would be appreciated.


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Matt, your state would help due to Workers comp concerns? give me a call because different insurances work differently with W-2 employees versus 1099 sub/independent contractors.

Feel free to give me a call on this any time

Talk with your accountant and lawyer.

I have yet to find any. I have had to train all of my inspectors.

I have a new book coming out on multi-inspector firms. But until then, I’ve had great luck hiring retired HVAC contractors. HVAC guys know a little bit about everything (electrical, roofing, plumbing, etc).

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Does inspector #2 have to be licensed or can they work under my license?

What state are you in?

What does your state licensing authority say about that?

Also, you could ask your business attorney.

The bigger question might be… What customer would want to do business with an unlicensed employee? :thinking:

Signed… Never an employer or employee be.

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