Customization of agreements

hi all,
I’m currently in the process of setting up a new inspection company. I have done audits and home performance work for some time. My biggest concern moving forward has been the thought that almost all inspectors will get complaints or sued at some point. Paperwork has never been my strong point. I’m curious how many of you alter pre inspection agreements and contracts that are available either through nachi or specific software? while i know i will customize some to add company info etc. I want to be careful of changing other wording in an effort to protect myself. Do these agreements usually cover whats necessary or do you find them lacking in important verbiage or main points of emphasis ? thanks for any insight

NJ has it’s own inspection law. I changed my InterNACHI templates accordingly.

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Thanks . there currently is no inspection laws or licenses is maine . I actually hopes that changes in the future

InterNACHI spent considerable resources fine tuning their pre-inspection agreement.

You can have your attorney look it over and that is what InterNACHI did to fine tune it.

Here it is:

Hope this helps you. :smile:

Never inspect a home without a signed agreement…

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Yes thanks That helps with confidence of it . I’m sure they have it down way beyond anything i could add ! I never have performed any work without contracts in the past not gonna start inspecting without agreements for sure.

You’re welcome, Benjamin! :smile: