Flex Ducts In Garage

This is from my first mock inspection I did Saturday.

Not sure if this was acceptable when it was installed (system is 10-11 years old) but I want to call it out anyway for fire safety but having a hard time coming up with a narrative. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Steves 072.JPG

Is it flex duct or duct wrap?

Where did you come up with the idea that flex duct is a fire hazard on a supply or a return air plenum.

You are really going to have a hard time finding a narrative to fit your thinking because your having a dream a really bad dream;-)

No worries. That’s why it’s a “mock” inspection.

Flex in the garage Charley.
Compromises the fire barrier.
IRC 309.1.1 ; UMC 302.4x3: Min 26ga. between house and garage required.

Exactly. Thanks David.

I’m working on a narrative now.

Pretty hokey install if you ask me. Ducts running all over the place in the garage.

It is flex duct.

Any ductwork that is exposed in an attached garage that is not 26 gauge or thicker or not made of garage approved material breaks the fire separation of the garage and living spaces and needs to be further evaluated by a qualified contractor familiar with garage separation standards for repair options and costs before the end of your home inspection contingency clause.

Thanks Ron.

Sorry AHJ allows it here done all the time

Taped duct board too. The ducting within the garage needs to be entirely metal 26 gauge or heavier.

That still don’t make it right.

Or a fire damper…

(yea, right!! :wink: )

Like this one? :mrgreen: