No Idea!

Found this funnel secured to a pipe protrudung from the basement slab below the utility sink. Home owner was unaware, there is a buried oil tank not far from the sink location. Tank is supposed to be abandoned. Any ideas?

whitt 170.jpg

whitt 172.jpg

Looks like they used the funnel to fill the tank with sand.
Not sure if this is allowed in your area or not.

Just a question if it was a fuel tank and that is a pipe for it did did they use one of the pipes from a drain. normally there is a fill pipe and a vent pipe . I am just curious because of the picture showing similar pipes.

[Hello Mr. Wilson,

I am new to this forum and I have visited here because of some plumbing issues with my garden pipes. By seeing your attachments, I can say that definitely its a fuel pipe and used for drain purpose because I’ve seen the same funnel structure with pipes in one of my friend’s basement. I can not help you more than this because I am not aware so much. :neutral:](“”)