Does anyone know what this pipe is?

Does anyone know what this pipe is? The homeowner wants to remove it. I figure it’s and old vent for an underground oil tank. Just goes right into the ground. No plumbing anywhere near there. Thanks


Dish support. . .

What…a NORAD dish? :mrgreen:

I don’t think it has anything to do with an underground storage tank. If there was one, you’d see the fill pipe. There is absolutely no reason to vent a fuel storage tank like that. And you shouldn’t see a UST that close to the home.

Jeff may be close. Perhaps there was another section on it that held a rotary antenna.

Looks like my antenna holder.

Thanks for all the responses.
Antennae holder sounds most likely, but we’ll find out after i take it down. If the Russians show up, we’ll know it was NORAD…otherwise, just TV.