No Pictures...

This was a first for me. During a recent mold inspection, for a home owner, I was in the process of taking photos of the exterior of the house when she asked me if taking photos was normal. I explained how I take 150 to 200 photos as a method to record existing conditions and only 15 to 30 would likely show up in the final report. After about 15 pictures she asked me to stop taking photos she did not want her house photographed. I complied with her wishes and submitted the report without pictures. From her accent she appeared to be from the philippines. Has this happened to anyone else? Maybe it could be a cultural or religious issue.

I doubt it is anything other than paranoia that you were going to steal something.

No this has never happened to me but when a place is run down from the outside look, I will not showcase it in my report.
I have never had someone call me and say where is the outside pic of the front of the house.:smiley:

Thursdays inspection wanted lots of pictures with report to be given on site .
We where to give all pictures to the client and keep none for us.
This was a first for us .
A repossession by the government and it was a grow house.
We were not allowed to enter the home till the police arrived.

I have inspected several high-end homes in Malibu, Belair and Beverly Hills where all cameras and phones were “confiscated” prior to entering the property.

I just roll with it. It makes the reporting just that much quicker.

IMO no photos then see ya…I always want photos for my cya…you never know when they will save your azz…just my 2 cents…

I go back to where Pictures where We did not take pictures and we did a good inspection.
My first digital camera cost over $1,000;00 and it was hard to use held very few pictures 22 I think… Roy

These inspections all brought me over $1500 each. I doubt you’d be walking away at that rate.

Roy -

My 1st digital was a Sony Mavica that took 3.5" floppies.

Held 22-30 pics per disk / SELDOM exceeded 1 disk.

GREAT camera / Still got 2

That would be hard to give up… (You’re right on that) but for a home that’s selling for that kind of coin/clients, I want my photos in my file! Sure you have your report to go back on but something about having a dated stamped photo to say here is how it was on the day I inspected it sure goes a long way! I get about 3 to 5 calls a year that well you guys know the story……email them the photos and you never hear back from them. But then again look who I am talking about….lol… King of HI in SCa…lol…just giving you chit…:mrgreen:

I still use my Sony Mavica FD-200 that I purchased in 2002 on every inspection. Looking to purchase another one, but they are hard to find. I have done hundreds of inspections without pictures. No big deal.

I have never been asked NOT to take pictures, I have actually been asked for my complete set of all the pics I took and the client offered to pay me to burn them all to a CD for them.


It’s never happened to me, & if it did I would be curious and ask the client why.

…for the same general reason that “flippers” don’t normally get home inspections… they do not want documentation of what a home looked like prior to their purchase, due to their flipping it *without permits. *

Gary -

I think the 2 I got are FD-95’s

Try ebay…I got one in excellent condition for $40. I had to hunt around for a memory stick (those were cheap too), battery charger but it works fantastic. I have one regular client who insists I take photos on a floppy disk as she does not like CDs (she is old school about everything).