I Was Like Condo Bob Today...

Took 260 pics for 2 single family home inspections.

Both 38 y.o.

A ways into #2 saw my camera battery was flashing lo batt.

This usu never happens, even for 3 jobs, but both houses were packed with decades of stuff everywhere and I wanted to be able to prove what I COULD NOT SEE if questioned later.:wink:

Will sent me a condo Inspection today and the guy wanted Condo Bob.
I saw it was a 4 unit so started explaining the type of structure and he asked what type of report to which I responded he should expect 50 pages of detailed comments with pictures even showing him how to operate the fireplace with the remote that I saw in the listing shot.Spent 15 minutes inspecting with the website shots and he freaked out by how much he learned before we even meet.

Yes, photos are important.

P.S I broke my old record with 675 shots plus video Sunday and the camera had battery to spare.
WX300 (Sony) $248 at Best Buy.

Had it on high res.

6 units but did the job in 3 1/2 by making sure to just get the right shots for later study.
Second nature at this point.

Just thinking you might have been better off to run through a fast video.

Please, I have homes I have taken over 300 before.
Most average homes here get 100 to 150.

Some funny stuff!

No such thing as to many photos though some think they are wasting film or something.
Those are the minimal Inspectors.
Others just are afraid they may miss seeing something and they may be right.

Had a call tonight from Agent on the 6 unit already and wants another Inspection.
Hard work pays off.

I average 170-200 with an additional 50-70 IR photos. I also add about 10 internet photos for systems (wells, heating,septic, hot water heaters etc) I take no notes. More is indeed better when it comes to photos. I also do not just add photos of defects into the report, but also try to capture overall condition of the home. Since folks often close a month or more after I am there, it serves as great documentation. Mostly, I want to give them as complete a view as I can in the document of their investment. I have to carry 3 rechargeable batteries and stations as they do not hold a charge. I still keep cheap camera back-ups that use AA’s. The cold kills my camera batteries fast.

yep 150 to 200 pictures for every home i carry 3 battery’s

Doing 3 bed split block condo today.
Pretty much can predict which and where all pics will be taken.

Kitchen minimum rear and front view general shot.
Under cabinet,closeup of incoming water supply for material,microhood to show if vented,outlets at counter (GFCI) or not.(see the pattern)

Exterior roof (4 units)
Coping and parapet walls
Roof penetrations
Window flashings and lintels.
Doorbell system type
lot grade
Garage items
Door pressure test is thumbs up or down
Pedestrian doors.
[you get the idea]]

Captions under photo make a tour and add value to my comments or tips.

Some just add a punch list which is fine for minimal report time but a different business practice and theory.

Most clients would much prefer a tour with lots of tips .

Exterior wall flashing (or lack of)

I do this all the time for homes filled with stuff. Saved my butt on termite damage I couldn’t see in a garage once.

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ bout!:smiley:

Interesting issue today only found because of my picture frenzy tonight .Posting it on a separate thread.