Courtesy Photos - ?

Hi everyone,
I’ve been shadowing another inspector over the last year but am on my own now. Yesterday, I performed my first “walk and talk” inspection and it went very well. I took some photos along the way of areas where my client couldn’t go or see for themselves (roof, attic, crawl space). I also took some photos of the electric panel, boiler and water heater among some other randoms. As a courtesy, I put together a pdf of these photos for them but before I send it, I wanted to get other inspectors thoughts on doing so. Is this a good idea or a bad idea. Thanks in advance!


Sounds to me like you didn’t actually perform a “Walk and Talk”.

I wouldn’t send anything you did your job.


What photos?

Thanks guys. So that poses another question. When doing a “walk and talk” (because thats what the client/realtor wanted), how extensive of an inspection do you do? I pretty much did a full inspection without all the photos I normally would take and no report.

A walk and talk is simply that… you WALK & TALK, they listen and take notes.

NO ladders… ie. NO ROOF or ATTICS
NO knee-pads… ie. NO CRAWLSPACES
NO tools… ie. NO PANELS get opened
NO notes… ie. NO REPORT of any kind
NO camera… ie. NO DOCUMENTATION supplied


My FEE for a Consultation is $150 for the first hour, $100 for each hour or portion of hour thereof after that. Residential only up to 2,000 sq.ft. Over 2,000 sq.ft. is 2 hours miimum.

IMO… the service you provided would only receive a DISCOUNT off my full inspection fee… ie. $50.00 DISCOUNT for NO PHOTOS/NO REPORT.

Do what you feel is best for your client, but photos defeat the purpose of a walk about.

Thanks so much guys. Lesson learned.