No Selection for Emergency Heat at Thermostat

I have a thermostat that is for a carrier heatpump and radco/carrier electric furnace (attic). The heat pump works but there is no option to switch to emergency heat like moderm units.

Is this a defect or is it meant to switch automatically? Is there a way to test the backup/furnace heat? I had the heat about 5 degrees above room temp and the heat pump was still running not the furnace.

Around here, especially on older homes, heat pumps usually do not kick over to backup heat if raised more than 2 degrees over the room temp.

Did the furnace come on when you raised the thermo?

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Could be the wrong thermostat. Does the air handler have electric heating elements? If it does, I’ve never seen any that weren’t switched independently.

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Maybe it does not have emergency heat. It is an optional “kit”. Often marked on the data plate, have a photo? (Most southern homes do not have the kit)

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No just the heat pump

Mine does!


I should have said “Many do not”


Most of the ones I see do not have it checked off.


That is possible. This heat pump is supplimental. The vents come from the attic. But there are floor vents on a different system that operate independently.

Disregard the rafter pick

So what system supplies the floor vents?

Seperate heat pump. The home has 3. I’m just now starting to head to basement to check on those air handlers/furnaces

I think we can read this better now!

Separate thermostats? I think a heat kit installed on this one.


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I thought so too when seeing that but wasn’t sure.

The hear pump with horiztonal fan is the one that supplies the ceiling vents through attic.

So far there is one thermostat on main floor. It appears to control 1st and 2nd floor. The master bedroom 2nd floor has the thermostat pictured above.

There should be a third in basement I’m about to head there now.

Some in my area have a switch on a control board located at/near the furnace. On the one below, moving the switch to standby will bypass the heat pump and cause the furnace (back-up/emergency heat) to come on.

I have never seen that before