No Sill Plate Under Band Board

I ran across this today in a 16 year old house. All of the band boards were on sill plates, except for this 14 foot section. I know that a treated sill plate keeps the band board from rotting. There are shims underneath the band board so that it isn’t in direct contact with the masonry block. Is this OK? If not, what could I say is wrong with it? Thanks in advance.


Sill plate is anchored to foundation wall. It does more than keep the rim joists from rotting…

First question I have is how the primary platform is properly anchored…


Sills are required. How’s it held down?

I’d red flag this install.

Also, are those joists 30" OC?

David, the joists are 24" OC. I didn’t see anything anchoring the platform.

Skip, Hi.

I blow the picture up and I can see this contraption on the right near a wood frame of some sort and it looks like a tie down wrapped around the joist. I do not recognize it.

The joist span is 2’ O.C. based on the length of those two bricks, and I see the shimming which looks like back to back cedar shingles used normally for shimming things like that.

But, this has got to be the most unorthodox type of floor framing I have seen in many years.

Obviously that was a crawl, and how did everything else look?

Surprised to see that friction fit batt insulation has not fallen down yet. Was there a kraft paper holding it up?

Just curious.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:


Everything else was pretty much normal. There was sill plate throughout except for this one section. It’s unusual to see joists hangers here in production housing. Batt insulation is typically supported here with metal hangers. They look like a straight section of coat hanger and often fail over time.

They allow roofing felt paper as a “shim” between regular lumber and masonry around here.

Sometimes the foundation straps are only fastened on the outside of the band and not visible after the siding is installed.

While the strapping install method is wrong it is allowed by many AHJ’s around here.

Skip, what was this? Do you recall?

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

I didn’t look for tie downs. I blew the picture up. I can’t identifty what’s on the right side of the photo.

If there was a sill plate throughout except for this particular area, then how did they transition the 2" (1.5") difference?

They had to of added something to make the subfloor level.

Do you have a picture of the transition from the silled area to the un-silled area?

Hey…is un-silled even a word?


It appears to me to be cobwebs and shadows at the left hand side framing of the scuttle hole.

Bill, did you blow it up? I did to 200 times, and it sure looks funny and unlike a cobweb.

Curious now.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Yeah… it does look funny but I think it’s just cobwebs.
But I’m no expert…:mrgreen:

Oh, well, thanks Bill. Sometimes a picture dose not tell all when not clearly visible.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

I agree with Dave, do you have a picture of the transition, Dave I think it should be no sill

I’m still waiting for an answer. Maybe he went back to the house…