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I have a silly question. Why do we put a sill to connect the top of the foundation to the wood floor system? What happen if no sill, the joist will get rotted very easy? But sill will get rotted too. What is the main function?


What Jeff is sayin…:slight_smile: is that he would not build a porch without a ledger board and how is a sill plate all that much different? (just flip it 90 degrees)

Has nothing to do with rot.

Bob, I posted the (basic) Wiki link, as it touches on the three basic plates of a wall. To understand why something is done, one needs to understand it’s intended purpose. Then it becomes obvious. I felt this addressed his question, and gave him the tools to learn more, if he desired.

Besides… I reserve more detailed information for Nachi Members. :wink:

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Well, being a home inspector in some area’s lately **is **all about survival! :mrgreen:

…is that he, needs to do what every other human being in the world would do and Google “sill plate” instead of tracking down a home inspection message board and ask that question.

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No questions are silly.
Anchorage, engineering, structural, all play a roll in your question.
How would you anchor earth quake straps , how would you anchor the landing.
If everything moved independently the home would be a house of independent structures moving away from or into one another.
Systems and structure must be anchored together to avoid safety concerns and financial loss.

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