No water at exterior bibs

Inspection today was at a one year home that was the model home for a development. Exterior frost free bibs also with shutoff valves in the basement that were turned off at the inspection. I turned on the valves but I could not get any water to flow out of the exterior bibs (2). Cannot figure it out except that the bibs may be clogged? The home is on a well with no filtration system in place. Any ideas?

You did your job and then some. Let someone else figure it out.

Just couldn’t figure it out. Rest of the faucets and plumbing worked fine.

Some newer homes have a 2nd water meter and shut off valve for outside / irrigation lines. Check by the street meter for a second control box.

Some newer homes also have interior shut off valves for exterior valves. I have found them in upstairs bedroom cabinets and most of the time in garages.

There might be a separate shut off valve for the basement shutoff valves, saw it one time up in the mountains here. The valves notoriously do not fully shut off, so an extra one to make sure there is no partial leak. If the frost free hose bib is angled slightly upwards it will still freeze and split.

This was well water so no 2nd meter. I also followed the lines in the basement looking for perhaps an extra shutoff but only found one each for the exterior bibs. when I turned them on I could hear the water run through the lines to the exterior bibs. It’s a mystery. I recommended a plumber to figure it out. I’ll contact the client in a couple of weeks to see what happened.

Sometimes on the spring loaded kind when they are not used for a long time the washer sticks. Particularly if water is off… if they turn on and wait may fix itself.