FPS 2: Another Free Inspection Graphic

I’ve seen this a lot this year.

Why would the pipe split with a freeze proof hose bib?

The only way this would happen is if a homeowner left a hose on the end of the sillcock in cold temperatures and the end of the hose has a closed valve on it. The ice expands into the sillcock and breaks the thin walled sillcock.

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Huge difference between a “Freeze Proof” and a “Frost Free”, which is what that is.
Also, (I know that is just a graphic), but that is a common problem when the bib is installed without the proper slope to the exterion to drain the water resting in the pipe.



No my wife leaves the water on in the summer and the hose bursts in the sun. Hilarious, one minute your looking out the window and the next it’s raining up.


Far more likely with a globe valve.

Yep every time the hose was left on when we had a cold snap this spring.


We had a few of those this year.

I have one on the north side of my house in a stupid location that is sloped ever so slightly the wrong way. Just enough water sits inside at the very back . Freezes alot in the winter but hasn’t split (yet). I put an insulated cover on it and that helps until the dogs decide to make it a chew toy. LOL.

My son does that all the time. If it wasn’t for the inaccessible location I would let it freeze solid and let it split since it’s over his bed. LOL. I can be onery sometimes…