Water running continuously in wastewater line

I am purchasing a new home and had a home inspection done. The inspector was able to find a plumbing issue, but was not able to fully troubleshoot it, so I figured I would post the question on here to see if anyone had any opinions/issues.

When the inspector arrived there was no water. He called the builder and found out they had not yet installed the water tap/meter at the street (how did they pass plumbing inspections without this??). They got the meter and tap installed while the inspector worked on other things. After having the water turned on for a couple of hours, water flow at all faucets and hose bibs was still very low. The inspector heard continuous water flow in the wastewater line in the basement, and noticed if he shut the water main line the flow stopped, and as soon as he turned it back on the flow in the wastewater would begin again. No faucets, dishwasher, etc. were turned on…

Is it possible something is plumbed wrong directing incoming water directly into the wastewater line? Does anyone have any other suggestions?

I am meeting with the builder today, so I will see what he has to say…

Thanks in advance,

It could be as simple as a leaking toilet flush valve.

Troubleshooting problems is not really part of the home inspectors tasks.

Was a furnace running? Could have been condensation from a high efficiency furnace. It could have also been a humidifier that’s attached to the furnace that could be constantly running if it’s wired wrong.


no humidifier, water flowed whether or not furnace was on…

I definetely understand troubleshooting isnt in the inspector’s scope of work, just wanted to get some opinions on it since you guys deal with these issues day in and day out:)

Alright, got it figured out, it was 2 problems; one toilet was flowing, and there was a plug in the water meter pit…now it flows fine!

Is there a water softener??

What’s a water meter pit? Plug that’s associated with it?


i dont believe there is a water softener-we have good water here in CO :slight_smile:

The water meter pit is where the water tap is that attaches to the city/district water line. I dont know if the plug was in the water tap or water meter, it sounded like maybe its something that is on the tap or meter that is supposed to be removed when they start service.

OK. Buffalo Box is the term that we use locally.