Noise?...Plumbing, HVAC, pest(s), any ideas?

Someone buried alive inside the wall cavity :shushing_face:

all I hear are ghosts.

Where were you.
What other rooms were close.

Upstairs bathroom, master bedroom/bathroom and on the other side of the walls, above laundry/utility room. It goes from sounding like dripping to bouncing and hammering, silent at times, no schedule…sounds like someone with a paddle board messing around!?💁🎾

It sounded like a clothes washer from here.
That’s why I asked where you were.
Good luck! :cowboy_hat_face:

Does the attic have wind turbine vents?

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That’s definitely a repetitive, mechanical noise.

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Dryer vent, exhaust vent flapper door banging around in the wind.

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