Nordyne Furnace Date

Could someone please tell me the date of this Nordyne Furnace. Isn’t Nordyne made by Frigidaire?

Mod#GL1RA 045C-08A
Ser# GLD0605912

Is this a manufactured home?

No. It is a 900 sq ft ranch style.




The only info I have is for mfg’d homes, but it may apply…

NORDYNE (MILLER) Manufactured homes………di****gits 4, 5, 6, 7 = year-year/month-month,

so it loks like 2005. Maybe…

On that one, ignore the first three digits in the serial number. Then use year-year-month-month for the next four digits, so you have May 2006.

That’s right…I used month-month year-year instead of year-year month-month, even though I had posted year-year month-month.

So what I said on one day was accurately corrected on the next day, so ignore the first day answer and adhere to the next one.