NORMI offers $200 NACHI DISCOUNT for Mold Inspection Classes

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icon_biggrin.gif NORMI and NACHI form a great partnership! As Executive Director of, I am happy to announce that we are currently offering NACHI members a $200 discount off of our regular class price of $449. NORMI certifies Mold Inspectors and Remediators and allows them to represent NORMI to the public who are looking for trained professionals to help them with their IAQ/Mold Inspections.

This course gives the NACHI member 8 Hours of Continuing Education

Home Inspectors are on the front line in the battle against mold problems and NORMI trains a solution-based, common sense approach that deals with the TRUTH about mold and not the normal HYPE that is often designed to scare the public. A NORMI member knows how to use microscopy to help identify the mold and determine its viability in an effort to correctly determine the need for either Sanitization or Remediation, whichever is required. In most cases, Sanitization Protocol will solve the problem without needing the more expensive services of a licensed Remediator.

Take a look at and read our Mission Statement, our Goals, and our Code of Ethics. NORMI and NACHI are founded on the same integrity priniciples and I believe this partnership will benefit NACHI members who are interested in broadening their appeal to a marketplace that is looking for real answers.

Our class registration is available online at with a schedule of upcoming classes. Register with ONLY the deposit and indicate (on the form) that you are a NACHI member and you will receive the NACHI discount! Thank you for the opportunity to serve! D

D. Douglas Hoffman
Executive Director of NORMI

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Welcome aboard! Is NORMI an Accredited Mold Training Provider by the Texas Department of State Health Services? If not, do you plan to apply? Are there other states that license mold inspectors and is NORMI approved by those states?

Mike Boyett

Capital City Inspections

Austin, Tx