North American membership in InterNACHI tops 14,000 inspectors. (page updated in live time).

Here is an interactive cluster map (updated in live time):

Click on your town.

Too bad when I zoom into my location to the tag for my location, and “click” the tag it takes me to the entire listing of local Nachi membership lists… No way of knowing who the Member is associated with the tag or business listing?

So much for capping membership at 10,000. :roll:

40% overrun sounds like a government projection, eh?:stuck_out_tongue:

When I click on my town, it takes me to a list of everyone in the state.

Now that’s pretty slick! Kudos to the staff for this addition!! :smiley:

If you zoom in too far down and then try to click on a red pin (which represents an individual member), it will display the entire state list. It’s a “cluster” map.

Why would it not just display the individual member that the interested part is trying to contact/ just clicked on?!

We don’t have permission to reveal any member’s true, physical location (which is what the cluster map relies on). It’s a cluster map to show where are members are, not where any individual member is.

We have lots of other sites to find individual members:](“”)

What is the membership of ASHI and NAHI now a days? I think NAHI is shrinking to the point that one of our local chapters has way more than their entire membership.

How many home inspectors are there in the US?

I would imagine that number would only be a guesstimate.

It’s hard to say for certain because of part-timers, but 20K is pretty close.

I pulled their 990 public tax returns. They’re toast. Not enough idiots in our industry to keep them alive. If you don’t have membership benefits, it is unethical for a trade association to charge dues. Their officers should be in prison.

I just moved so I suppose I should update my info.

Hello Wisconsin!!!

InterNACHI…leading the industry with your success in mind.

Ah, closer to Mikey and Linas. I always suspected…:stuck_out_tongue:

Just a little rough math.

There are about 4.6 million homes sold each year in the US.
I read somewhere that about 77% get home inspections.
If there are 20k inspectors then it works out to 179 inspections each.

Was just wondering if 20k inspectors could handle the whole country, apparently so!

Remember, only about 10K members of InterNACHI are in business and performing home inspections. Nearly 4K are staffers, retired members, vendors, government officials, ancillary inspection-only members, inspection company office managers, and students.